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    These CEEDS members are all registered DSISD voters who have agreed to participate in our suit as plaintiffs:


    Glenn Banton, Sr.
    Jennifer Bolton-Picotte
    Dawn Dombroski
    Andreah Ferhle
    Paige Frontera
    Cristin Hearne
    Catherine Jones
    Deborah Keyes
    Bryan Kraham
    Colette Kraham
    Kathy Leopold
    Julie Lewis
    Betsy Linker
    Martin McConahay
    Valerie Phillips McConahay
    Karysa Myers
    Stephanie Rodriguez
    Donald Simanton
    Jay Stang
    Lyndsey Stang
    Dyan Twining
    Donna Weikert
    Ashley Whittenberger
    Grant Whittenberger


    No donation is required to join our membership as a plaintiff. To inquire about joining our Election Contest as a plaintiff, click the button below to Contact Us.

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