• August 6, 2018, Update:

    Our legal battle to overturn Dripping Springs ISD's illegitimate $132 million Bond Election continues, with DSISD's team of over-priced San Antonio lawyers attempting to oppose and impede our efforts for justice at every turn. We are fighting to overturn the May 2018 Bond Election and require DSISD to call a new election in which every qualified voter has the opportunity to cast a free and fair ballot.

    CEEDS continues to prevail despite battling two teams of lawyers, DSISD's three lawyers from Texas’ largest law firm and Board President Carrie Kroll's three additional lawyers, who are implementing a strategy of cynical bids and legal maneuvers in order to prevent DSISD’s mistakes, malpractice, and misadministration of the May 2018 Bond Election from coming to light. We have the momentum, but we need your help and financial investment to continue this fight for justice!

    Will you join us in standing up for a free and fair election by investing $50, $100, $250, or even $500 TODAY?

    "DSISD and Board President Carrie Kroll have now filed three pleadings in two separate cases, and they have not disputed that they effectively disenfranchised Travis County voters, nor have they disputed any of the other allegations we have made,” said CEEDS attorney Jerad Najvar. “CEEDS has a strong case, and I look forward to defending the constitutional rights of the citizens and taxpayers of Dripping Springs ISD and bringing about a new election in which every qualified voter has the right to cast a free and fair ballot," concluded Najvar.

    Last week, CEEDS:

    • Received notice that a visiting judge was assigned to the Travis County proceeding, meaning our motion to consolidate our Election Contest with DSISD's Declaratory Judgment action should be granted. A consolidated proceeding will save CEEDS considerable expense and ensure that our Election Contest has its day in court.
    • Deposed DSISD Board President Carrie Kroll and DSISD administration staff. 
    • Took possession of hundreds of pages of subpoenaed DSISD and Hays County Elections evidence.

    Included in the subpoenaed evidence was DSISD's contract with Hays County Elections for the May 2018 Bond Election. That contract was the only administration contract for the election and included only those DSISD voters who reside within Hays County. DSISD took NO contractual action to allow qualified Travis County DSISD voters and taxpayers to vote in the May 2018 Bond Election. During depositions, not only did DSISD officials confirm that no agreements were in place to allow Travis County voters to vote in this May's election, but also admitted that no agreements have existed for past DSISD school board or bond elections dating back several years. Truly, Travis County DSISD residents have been subjected to taxation without representation!


    We are fighting to ensure that every DSISD voter has the right to cast a free and fair ballot before being subjected to thousands of dollars in additional school property taxes. Will you help us continue our momentum by making a contribution in ANY amount today? Your support is critical for us stop the gamesmanship of DSISD's and Board President Carrie Kroll's over-priced lawyers and protect and restore the constitutional rights of DSISD voters!

  • DSISD's $132 million May 2018 Bond, Proposition A, is the largest and most expensive in our School District's history!

    "Dripping Springs voters in May will decide on a $132 million school bond package, the largest in the district’s history."
    -Austin American Statesman: February 13, 2018

  • DSISD admits that our property taxes will continue to go up, even though our property tax rate should not increase with this bond!

    "'[No tax rate increase] doesn't mean that people's taxes don't go up as appraisals go up,' said [Dripping Springs ISD Superintendent Bruce] Gearing. 'Appraisal values have been rising rapidly in our district over the last several years and they will continue to rise rapidly I think for the next several years if the projections are the same. So that creates more tax burden for our taxpayers even though the tax rate is remaining the same.'"
    -KXAN: April 17, 2018

  • Don't Believe Us?
    Listen to DSISD Superintendent Bruce Gearing:

    "[This Bond plus rising appraisal values] creates more tax burden for our taxpayers even though the tax rate is remaining the same."

    -KXAN: April 17, 2018

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