• CEEDS is a group of parents, teachers, and taxpayers who joined together to fight Dripping Springs ISD's wasteful and misguided 2018 Bond—and to once again make students and teachers, instead of special interests, our District's top priority.


    To protect the best interests of our children, our community, and to stop millions of dollars in frivolous and extravagant expenditures, we battled the 2018 Bond's illegitimate election in court. While DSISD ultimately prevailed through loopholes, legal maneuver, and spending nearly $500,000 on at least a half-dozen high-priced San Antonio and Austin attorneys, our fight for greater transparency, increased accountability, and more responsible stewardship of our tax dollars by DSISD's School Board continues.


    DSISD is planning another, possibly $400 million, Bond for 2022. According to data from the Texas Comptroller, our District—following the passage of the 2018 Bond—already has more per-student tax-supported debt than 95% of school districts in the entire State of Texas. Should the possible $400 million 2021 or 2022 Bond pass, DSISD will have total debt obligations, including interest, of over $1 billion—which will exceed $100,000 in bond debt principal, not including interest, per student.


    This is a long fight, and we need your support! Please join us by subscribing to our emails, signing up to get involved, or making a secure online contribution!

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