• 2021 Dripping Springs ISD School Board Candidate Survey

    Our 2021 Candidate Survey has been sent to candidates, and their responses are to be returned to us soon.


    Results will be made available on this webpage during the weekend of April 17–18.


    Don't forget: you are entitled to THREE VOTES for DSISD School for this plurality-at-large election. You can vote for up to three candidates.

  • Beginning in 2018, Citizens for Excellent Education in Dripping Springs (CEEDS) began our annual survey of Dripping Springs ISD (DSISD) school board candidates as a service to our Dripping Springs community and in fulfillment of our mission of greater transparency, increased accountability, and more responsible stewardship of our tax dollars by DSISD’s School Board and School Administration.

    Our broad range of supporters include parents, teachers, and taxpayers—Republicans, Democrats, and Independents—who originally joined together to fight Dripping Springs ISD's wasteful and misguided $132 million 2018 Bond, and to once again make students and teachers, instead of special interests, our School District's top priority. We were the only organization to oppose DSISD's 2018 Bond, and accordingly represent the interests and beliefs of one-half of those who cast ballots in the May 2018 DSISD Election against that Bond Referendum.


    In 2021, our fight continues as we work to elect common-sense and fiscally responsible leaders to our school board, so that the hard-working families and fixed-income seniors of our community no longer need to fear being taxed out of their homes, while also returning our School Board's and School Administration's focus back to ensuring that all of our community's children receive an excellent and world-class education.


    Our 2021 survey questions will reflect what we believe are the top fiscal, transparency, accountability, and other issues currently facing DSISD—information which should be communicated to and help inform every voter before they cast their votes for School Board.


    At the bottom of this page are additional candidate surveys and interviews conducted by other organizations that may also help voters make an informed decision prior to casting a ballot for the 2021 DSISD School Board Election.

  • 2021 Candidate Contact Information

    Candidates listed below in ballot order.

    Kay Kizziar


    Lynn Henson


    Stephanie Holtzendorf


    Tricia Quintero


    Shannon O'Connor


    Stefani Reinold


    Mary Jane Hetrick


    Jeffrey Aylstock


    Thaddeus Fortenberry


  • Additional DSISD Candidate Interviews and Information

    Dripping Springs School District Parents