• DSISD's May 2023 Bond Is $17.6 Million and 8.4% More Expensive Than Last November's Package On a Project Basis!

    That's RIght! An Over EIGHT PERCENT (8%) PRICE HIKE in Just SIX (6) MONTHS Time!


    And Don't Be Fooled By the Removal of High School #2's CONSTRUCTION Costs from this ALL-OR-NOTHING Bond PackageDSISD is including High School #2's $10.5 million in DESIGN Costs, so if this Bond is voter-approved, then that high-priced and harmful High School #2 our community rejected just last November will be inevitable!


    Additionally, DSISD, in their bond planning public School Board meetings as well as the May 2023 Bond Presentation, also shamelessly detail how nearly all of the items they removed from this May's Bond Package are now being paid for with other DSISD funds instead of again asking for voter-approval, such as using fund balances (our hard-earned tax dollars that they've been unnecessarily and inappropriately hoarding) or using leases instead of outright purchases, despite our community having told them we were unwilling pay for these items with our hard-earned tax dollars last November!


    Our community deserves better than a school district that behaves like a spoiled and petulant child, especially since we are entrusting them to set-the-example in educating our community's children! Unfortunately and disappointingly, that doesn't appear to be the case in regards to this May's Bond, due to DSISD officials' own disrespectful and shameful actions.


    Don't believe us?

    Here it is, from DSISD's presentation comparing this May's Bond to last November's:

    "May 2023 Key Differences:

    - Includes design only for HS#2

    - Reduced the total package amount by removing funds to construct HS#2

    - Eliminated Prop C and other items by utilizing leases and fund balance"


    Now, let's dig into the projects and each of their price changes below!

    REMEMBER: these prices are just for debt principal, and do not account for debt interest (cost+interest) that these expenditures will incur, a total debt burden to be imposed on and paid by our community's hardworking taxpayers.

    Elementary School #6

    Increased by $3.4 million and 5.4%, from $62,872,000 to $66,264,500

    Expand Sycamore Springs MS to 1200 Capacity

    Increased by $2.4 million and 7.7%, from $30,830,400 to $33,216,832

    Note: That's $95 thousand per-student for what's overwhelming just additional classrooms!

    Design for ES #7

    No Change—Remains $2,500,000

    Design for MS #3

    Increased by $3.4 million and 566.7%, from $600,000 to $4,000,000

    Note: This also changed from Schematic Design to Full Design.

    Design for HS #2

    Increased by $500 thousand and 5.0%, from $10,000,000 to $10,500,000

    Note: DSISD is asking our community to pay for designing High School #2 in this bond and this design price increase indicates that project's build cost will be EVEN MORE EXPENSIVE than the $275 million (including architect fees) High School #2 project in last November's bond.

    This high school is also still planned for 2,500 students that will split our District across THREE (3) High Schools and a high school size that will limit UIL competitiveness as a small 6A school.


    New Facility for 18+ Program

    Increased by $245 thousand and 7.7%, from $3,168,000 to $3,413,440

    Land for Future Facilities

    No Change—Remains $15,000,000

    DSES Lifecycle Replacements and Renovations

    Increased by $1.4 million and 7.8%, from $17,448,750 to $18,812,650

    DSMS Lifecycle Replacements and Renovations

    Increased by $2.8 million and 7.9%, from $35,169,580 to $37,943,146

    DSHS Lifecycle Replacements and Renovations

    Increased by $434 thousand and 7.8%, from $5,558,900 to $5,992,540

    DSES Reconfigure CL&I and Maker Space

    Increased by $15 thousand and 7.6%, from $194,800 to $209,584

    RSES Reconfigure CL&I and Maker Space

    Increased by $15 thousand and 7.6%, from $194,800 to $209,584

    Updated Sound and Lighting Systems in Spaces at Various Campuses

    Increased by $101 thousdand and 7.9%, from $1,280,000 to $1,380,800

    Replace Pressure Reducing Valves on Various Campuses

    Decreased by $50 thousand and 32.3%, from $155,000 to $105,000

    Note: number of valves are not specified, so reason for decrease is uncertain.

    Campus Security

    Increased by $2.7 million and 19.0%, from $13,989,906 to $16,652,986

    ADA Updates

    Increased by $134 thousand and 22.1%, from $605,000 to $738,740

    New Buses to Replace Aging Fleet

    Increased by $150 thousand and 8.0%, from $1,878,281 to $2,028,543

    Note: DSISD removed "growth" buses from this bond proposition, but indicated during public bond planning meetings that these buses would be paid for with other funds.

    New Classroom Portables

    Decreased by $16 thousand and 1.4%, from $1,130,000 to $1,113,881

    Note: reason for decrease is uncertain.

    Child Nutrition Services (Kitchen) Equipment Replacements

    No Change—Remains $1,264,000

    Infrastructure (Network, Servers, Firewall, AV)

    Decreased by $86 thousand and 3.5%, from $2,438,931 to $2,352,681

    Note: Reason for decrease is likely the use of "fund balance"/other fund sources; however, we are not certain.